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Katheigh Degen

Katheigh Degen

Principal & Business Financial Solutions President

“Sometimes, business owners come to us with challenges that, at first glance, may seem overwhelming. When we take a closer look, we often find their goals are completely within reach. By recommending small action steps, we help clients discover they have the power to move toward their dreams." -Katheigh Degen

With more than 20 years of financial services experience, Katheigh has helped hundreds of clients discover their potential to build wealth, create security and live their dreams. Every day brings forth unique challenges – and that’s one of the things that she most loves about her work. Katheigh is always up for a good challenge, but what she loves most about her work is coaching clients and helping them overcome obstacles.

Katheigh, in partnership with her twin sister, Raleigh, founded Twin Financial in 1988. Inspired by lessons learned by their father, a farmer who operated a tobacco farm in Weston, Mo., the pair eagerly embraced the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship. They’ve also embraced the opportunity to work in tandem – their complementary expertise in asset protection strategies (Katheigh) and wealth accumulation strategies (Raleigh) help ensure clients always receive a comprehensive, 360-degree view of their financial status.

"Our strength is that we’re always willing to take extra steps to put our clients at ease and make the planning process as simple as possible," says Katheigh. "There are plenty of competent advisors who can crunch numbers and analyze financial data, but we think our clients deserve more. And that’s what we give them – more time, more access to information and more options."

Katheigh graduated from the University of Kansas in 1983 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism. She has been a career agent with Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual) since 1983.

Katheigh lives in Kansas City, Mo., with her husband John. She is a Sustainer member of the Kansas City Junior League. She is Past-President of the board of directors for Heartstrings Community Foundation and served on the board of the Foundation for Inclusive Religious Education. Katheigh is a member of Saint Peter’s Catholic Church and has served on the Finance Committee.